New South Wales reports progress towards ending HIV

[From Out in Perth, May 24, 2019] “The latest data showing a continued decline in HIV transmission rates in NSW has been welcomed by the state’s leading HIV prevention and HIV support organisation, ACON. The NSW HIV Strategy Data Report – Quarter 1 shows that in the first three months of 2019, there were 22… Read More »

Churches can help increase HIV testing in South African men

[From AVERT, May 21, 2019] “An HIV testing campaign conducted within South African churches successfully recruited 43% of the congregation for HIV testing on campaign days and was most successful at reaching men and particularly men who had never tested before.” For more, click here.

318K HIV-Positive Russians Have Died Since 1987 – Watchdog

[From Moscow Times, May 20, 2019] “The HIV epidemic has led to the deaths of an estimated 318,000 Russians since the first case was registered in 1987, or 10,000 every year, the country’s national consumer watchdog has said.” For more, click here.

Young HIV patients dying in Sask. despite availability of free treatment: doctors

[From CBC, May 05, 2019] “HIV patients in some parts of Saskatchewan are not being offered treatment with free, readily available antiretroviral drugs that can save their lives and — according to new research — prevent sexual transmission of the virus.” For more, click here.

Study: Health care providers split on who should prescribe HIV prevention drug

[From Medical Xpress, April 30, 2019] “Health care practitioners are split when it comes to opinions on which provider should take the lead in prescribing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which is administered to people at high risk for HIV.” For more, click here.

Two people diagnosed HIV positive after receiving ‘vampire facial’ in New Mexico

[From NBC, April 30, 2019] “At least two clients of a shuttered New Mexico day spa tested HIV positive, a state health official said, possibly from receiving a ‘vampire facial.’” For more, click here.

London, Ont. researchers confirm new method of HIV transmission and provide prevention technique

[From Global News, April 25, 2019] “New studies from Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University are showing for the first time that HIV can be transmitted through sharing equipment used to prepare drugs, even without sharing needles or syringes.” For more, click here.

What can Western medicine learn from Indigenous healing traditions?

[From CATIE, April 26, 2019] “Since the earliest days of the epidemic I have known and worked with people living with HIV/AIDS. I was a family physician in San Francisco before the virus was even identified as HIV and well into the contemporary times of effective antiretroviral drugs. In the early ’80s, many of us… Read More »

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