It’s time to end the overcriminalization of HIV in B.C.

[From Ricochet, February 5, 2019] “It’s difficult to imagine someone going to prison for something as personal as their HIV status, but that remains a real risk for people living with HIV in Canada. The past few years have seen important progress in addressing this unjust criminalization, but it is still too little, with a… Read More »

Unintended pregnancy leads to poorer treatment outcomes for women living with HIV in South Africa

[From Avert, January 30, 2019] “Unplanned pregnancy may be a common and persistent risk factor for poor antiretroviral treatment outcomes in South African women living with HIV. Women living with HIV in South Africa who did not plan to get pregnant were three times more likely to have an elevated viral load than women who… Read More »

Research identifies pathway connecting some ARV drugs with liver disease

[From Medical Xpress, January 31, 2019] “As a raft of new treatments for HIV infection have come on the market in the past 20 years, AIDS patients got access to drugs that allowed them to live longer. “These drugs are miracles,” said Dr. Richard N. Greenberg, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Kentucky.… Read More »

Global Fund must copper-bottom claims it has saved 27 million lives, say experts

[From The Telegraph, January 25, 2019] “One of the world’s largest development funds risks “overstating” the number of lives it has saved and must improve transparency, experts have warned. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which has an annual budget of roughly $4 billion, funds projects around the world to tackle these… Read More »

Six Things Providers Should Know About HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders

[From The Body Pro, January 23, 2019] “Early in the epidemic, one of the most terrifying consequences of late-stage, AIDS-related illness was the various neurocognitive disorders, the worst of which was dementia. At that time, with no effective antiretroviral therapies, the virus quickly penetrated the blood-brain barrier. AIDS dementia complex, along with early opportunistic infections… Read More »

Meet the 100-Year Old Man Living with HIV: WATCH

[From HIV Plus, January 22, 2019] “Meet Miguel [not his real name], in a soon-to-be published case study as “The Lisbon Patient,” will be celebrating his upcoming centennial in the spring. Due to fear or reprisal and persistence of HIV stigma, Miguel and his family requested that his face not be shown, and his real… Read More »

The forgotten: Living with HIV in war-ravaged Yemen

[From Al Jazeera, January 21st 2019] “Sanaa, Yemen – With each breath he took, the red rashes on Ahmad’s cheeks appeared to get brighter and brighter. The eight-year-old had just made his way up the stairs of the al-Jumhurriya hospital in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, one of the few health centres in the war-ravaged country that… Read More »

Efavirenz in pregnancy is at least as safe as other antiretrovirals

[From aidsmap, January 17th 2019] “An individual patient data analysis of almost 25,000 pregnancies in women living with HIV has found that the rate of birth defects following exposure to efavirenz was not statistically different, and may even be lower than in infants exposed to other antiretrovirals. The analysis by Professor Begoña Martinez de Tejada… Read More »

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