Many Western European countries close to achieving UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets

[From aidsmap, June 25, 2017] Countries in Western and Southern Europe are well on their way to meeting the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets, according to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Using data collected to the end of 2013, a survey of eleven countries shows that an estimated 84% of people with HIV were diagnosed,… Read More »

War on Drugs Poses a Challenge for HIV Treatment, Prevention Among Users

[Specialty Pharmacy Times, May 18, 2017] The “War on Drugs” has a negative impact on the treatment and prevention of HIV, a new study suggests. This aggressive approach to enforcement has unsuccessfully reduced drug use, incarcerating thousands of drug users who may have benefitted more from drug treatment. For more, click here.

HIV: from a devastating epidemic to a manageable chronic disease

[From WHO] In the decade since the United Nations declared HIV an unprecedented human catastrophe, the AIDS response has underscored the ethical imperative of fair access to medicine. WHO’s standard-setting work helped make prevention and treatment more accessible, safe, effective and efficient, and encouraged integrating HIV services into existing health systems. WHO has prequalified more… Read More »

Addressing stigma, coping behaviours and mechanisms in persons living with HIV could lead to better health outcomes

[From Medical Xpress, April 21, 2017] Investigators from the University of Alabama at Birmingham have developed a new conceptual framework highlighting how unique dimensions of individual-level HIV-related stigma might affect the health of those living with HIV. According to the paper’s authors, little is known about the mechanisms through which stigma leads to worse health… Read More »

Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) Endorses Canadian Consensus Statement on HIV and its Transmission in the Context of Criminal Law

[Positive Lite, April 11, 2017] As the country’s premier national HIV research conference got underway, a statement released by the original signatories of the Canadian consensus statement on HIV and its transmission in the context of criminal law (2014) was endorsed by the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) at… Read More »

Vaccine, improved treatment are keys to control of a surging HIV pandemic

[EurekAlert, March 20, 2017] Development and widespread use of a vaccine that’s even partially effective against HIV, along with more progress toward diagnosis and treatment, offer the best hopes for turning the corner on a global pandemic that’s still spiraling out of control, researchers reported today. For more, click here.

Living with Diagnosed HIV Infection for a Long Time is Associated with Poor Quality of Life

[From Positive Lite, Feb 23, 2017] Longer time living with diagnosed HIV infection is strongly associated with depression, anxiety and poor quality of life, according to UK research published in HIV Medicine. Older age in itself was not associated with symptoms of distress or poor mental health but did have an association with lower physical… Read More »

Adverse birth outcomes in pregnant women with HIV varied by ART regimen

[From Healio, Feb 16, 2017] The safety of ART for HIV-infected pregnant women, and its impact on adverse birth outcomes such as stillbirth and preterm delivery, varied by individual ART regimen, according to data presented at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). For more, click here.

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